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Embark on a journey into the fusion of wellness and technology in your home with Ava Markoutsas, owner of ABLAZE Design Group in Highwood, IL. In her article titled, “Wellness + Technology: Our Top 2 Design Trends for North Shore Homes” by Ava explores how these trends intertwine to create spaces that nurture both mind and body, seamlessly blending natural elements with cutting-edge amenities. From indoor sporting areas to voice-controlled showers and induction cooktops integrated into exquisite countertops, discover how ABLAZE Design Group is reshaping the landscape of modern home design!


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*Words by Ava Markoutsas at ABLAZE Design Group

Hey there local Moms & Design Enthusiasts! Let’s talk for a moment about two game-changing design concepts: Wellness-Focused Spaces and Tech Integration. At ABLAZE Design Group, we’re all about blending these trends to create spaces that are zen and also high-tech.


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First up, WELLNESS DESIGN. Think of it as your home’s personal spa day, minus the cucumber slices. We’re talking rooms that make you FEEL amazing—filled with natural light, greenery, and good vibes. Studies show that wellness spaces can do wonders for your overall mental health. Consider indoor sporting areas for exercise, yoga, basketball to get those positive endorphins moving. Or perhaps adding a sauna or steam shower to unwind after a stressful day. We have seen an increased demand for both of these elements when working with both homeowners and buyers.


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And let’s not forget about the TECHNOLOGY side of things.We’re living in an era where homes are becoming smarter by the day. From voice-controlled climate systems to immersive digital experiences including showering. Yes, you can set the temperature just right before even entering the shower! Another example combining technology and wellness is the use of induction cooktops. Now you can cook right on top of your beautiful, sintered stone countertop and boil your water in less than 60 seconds while also having the peace of mind that your kids won’t burn their fingers if they touch the burner. At ABLAZE, we try to ensure that cutting-edge technology can complement the wellness principles of our designs, offering a holistic living experience.


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So there you have it; a snapshot of ABLAZE Design Group’s TWO favorite design trends. Learn more about how to turn your home into a smart wellness retreat with our complimentary consultation. Don’t wait too long as we all know life moves way too fast!

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