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When we came across Ted Glasoe’s beautiful photography we had to share.  Lake Michigan is such a big part of our happiness + wellness living in the North Shore and really, one of the main reasons most of us live here.  What a generous and wonderful surprise when he in turn reached out and offered to give one of his gorgeous photographs to one of our followers!  We love that part of his mission is to bring awareness to protecting this big, beautiful body of water we’re so fortunate to have lining our shores.  Learn a little about this local artist and check out his work here, and at these local North Shore locations this month.  (Tip- make a day of it and explore all of the arts Evanston has to offer!  You won’t be disappointed!)

Currently Showing- 1100 Florence Gallery, & Back Lot Coffee
Upcoming- Evanston Art Center, January 17th – February 14th

GIVEAWAY! Follow link below and enter to win this beautiful photograph by Ted Glasoe. 



I am inspired to photograph Lake Michigan in every way I can — from sweeping seascapes to macro shots of its shoreline. I aim to capture as many of the lake’s moods as possible. I want each image to convey a quality of the lake that resonates with a viewer, helping them appreciate the lake as a magnificent natural wonder.

My goal is for the entire body of work to form a mosaic that shows how beautiful the lake is, how important it is to our community, and how essential it is that we cherish and protect it.

I am proud and privileged to have the opportunity to create and sell fine art that adds interest and value to residential, public and corporate spaces while also highlighting the precious natural resource in our backyard.


I prefer to shoot in the early mornings and late afternoons when there is the most vivid color, interesting light, complex shadows, and weather and wildlife activity. Because these “golden hours” are so short, the moments of intense color and visual interest are fleeting, which elevates the intensity of the images. In keeping with my intent to convey natural beauty in our urban environment, my images are left as unaltered as possible to reflect what I saw through my lens. My artistic efforts center more on shooting — subject selection, composition and timing — than on post-production. When I do alter my images, it is to recreate what I saw and experienced.


I love water, I love natural beauty and I love learning. Photography for me encompasses all of these. I grew up in rural Minnesota surrounded by lakes, the outdoors and nature. I’ve always wanted to capture and bottle that feeling of being among those varied scenes of beauty and serenity. But I didn’t know how to do that for myself — let alone communicate it to others. After career paths in acting, software training and graphic design, I discovered photography 10 years ago as the creative expression I’d been searching for.

Lake Michigan, just blocks from where I live in Evanston, Illinois, became my muse as I mastered photographic technology and developed my artistic style. The result is a continually growing and expanding body of work that expresses my impression of the world, conveys my love of natural beauty and elevates what I find most important.

My work has been featured in several Chicagoland galleries and shows, including the Evanston Art Center, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 33 Contemporary Gallery and the Bridgeport Art Center. I have also exhibited regionally and internationally. I sell my work for both residential and commercial spaces.

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