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Has the stress of the pandemic left you with a little more hair left in your brush or shower than you normally see?  Stress induced hair loss is indeed real- and this last year has been a doozy so it’s not a surprise, but an unwelcome one!  We sought advice from stylist Jenny Kawecki, owner and operator of Jenny K Studio in Highland Park on how to combat hair loss.  

Hi, Jenny here!  I’ve compiled a short list of tips & tricks and when used consistently over a period of time I believe you will notice a difference in your tresses!


Are you pulling your hair up in a super tight pony tail day in & day out?  The cumulative effect of this can lead to hair loss around the edges of your hair, meaning the temples & the nape of your hairline.  Try switching over to a loose & low side braid, or if you love your pony tail use a scrunchy & keep it loose! 

These days scrunchies come in all different patterns.  I say go for it!  & Get the leopard print & have some fun with it.  

You also might want to think about your winter hat…is it super tight & fitted around the hairline? Are you jogging with it?  Try & find one that’s a little looser or consider the controversial alternative, earmuffs!  They can be so cute and save your tresses!

They might not keep your head as warm but they do keep your ears warm & they don’t flatten the blowout/style you just perfected. 

Washing & Styling 

If you wash your hair every day, it’s okay!  Just be sure to use an every day shampoo that’s very gentle with out sulfates so your natural oils are depleted.  My favorite brand is IKOO.  Their shampoos are so gentle & they all smell great. 

If you want to consider washing less often, try for every other day.  The benefit of this is that you get back 20 minutes of your life at least!  It’s also great if you color your hair this will keep the color looking fresher for longer. 

I recommend spraying in a leave in conditioner onto wet hair & gently brushing out with a Wet Brush, which you can find on Amazon.  Sally Beauty Supply also has a version called the Wet & Dry brush which is great too. 

Air dry to about 85% dry before you go for it with the blow dryer.  If think of your blow dryer as a heat styling tool instead of a hair dryer, you will place less tension & stress on the scalp. 

Throw a few curls in at the end with your iron if you’re in the mood for something special then use dry shampoo in the roots your clean styled hair to finish it off.  This will extend your blow dry style for a day or two.

Lastly– If you’re dealing with stress hair loss, the less daily repetitive tension & strain on your hair the better.  Wear your hair down!  Your tresses will thank you for it. 

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