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Most people know what a stink bug looks like, but knowing the enemy is the first step to defeating it, right? Here’s a little more information about the small, stinky pests.



Where did Stink Bugs Come From?

Originally, stink bugs were not native to the United States. They were only found to live in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. When they were unintentionally introduced to the United States, they were first found in Pennsylvania. Today, they reside in over 20 different states.


What do Stink Bugs Eat?

Stink bugs love fruits and vegetables. They use their mouths to suck out the juices from these plants and the plant stems. Some specific fruits that they like are apples, peaches, and blackberries. When it comes to the vegetables stink bugs like to eat, those include corn, lima beans, and green peppers. If you have a garden with these fruits and vegetables in them, you will be more likely to have stink bugs. If you have noticed that these items in the garden are looking withered and you’ve spotted a few stink bugs around, they are the likely culprits and you may want to consider calling pest control professionals.


Do Stink Bugs Bite?

Although the mouthpieces that stink bugs have groups them into the biting/sucking category of bugs, they are not attracted to blood. Stink bugs have a needle-like mouth that they use to suck the juices out of the plants they eat. Even though they have this needle, it is incapable of piercing or biting human skin. Something to note here would be if you do come in contact with a stink bug, your skin may get irritated because of the uneven edges of its body. This is from coming in contact with the stink bug’s exterior, though, and not from a bite.


When is Stink Bug Season?

Stink bug season is from March through September. During this time, the stink bugs are in the process of mating, reproducing, and feeding, so this is the time that you may see evidence of stink bugs in your garden. Once it begins to get cold, the stink bugs search for a place to stay warm for the winter. This is when they will go inside of Chicago homes, but once inside they usually spend their time sleeping or hibernating.


What is the Life Cycle of a Stink Bug?

A stink bug will go through three stages in life. The first is the egg. Once the female stink bug has mated with the male, she deposits her eggs on an stem or a leaf of a plant. Once they hatch from the egg, they are called nymphs. As nymphs, they go through five growth and development stages, with each stage lasting about a week. As they grow in the nymphal stages, they become the size and color of the adult stink bugs. Once adults, they will continue to feed and reproduce all throughout the summer and females can lay up to 400 eggs in their time as an adult. An adult stink bug can live between 6 and 8 months.



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