Sleep Tips- for Daylight Savings Time, or anytime! | Chicago North Shore Moms

“I’m so excited for Daylight Savings Time” -Said No Parent, EVER.

If you struggle with the interruption of a time change, or even if your child has trouble sleeping on the norm, we have a few tips for more restful nights.

-keep your routine consistent and don’t make a big deal about it, but do try to go to bed 30 to 60 minutes earlier.

-Be sneaky about the earlier bedtime! Keep your kiddos outside in natural light and expend as much energy as possible, right up until bedtime. Then keep lights dim before bed. Their bodies circadian rhythm will tell them they have moved from light to dark and naturally move them into sleepy time.

-Invest in blackout window treatments that will come in handy as the days get longer. Don’t want to commit or have a delay in shipping? Pick up temporary blackout blinds from a local shop or online and simply stick them up! (Ours have made a world of difference as we wait for our permanent to arrive!)

-If your little is having a tough time with the adjustment, try a “okay to wake” alarm to encourage trying to fall back asleep when waking in the night.

-If they’re still struggling with the adjustment, try a sleep spray or low dose melatonin (same goes for you mama!). My son and I (Shawn) have never slept well and I swear by @thisworks deep sleep spray and @tiredteddies night time bears. The Tired Teddies have a very low dose of melatonin that mimics children’s natural sleep state- instead of knocking them out. They are AHHHHmazing.

Now enjoy the weekend & get some rest! You’ve got this!

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