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Hello friendly faces! It’s that time of the week! We’re back with a new CNSMoms’ Meet a Mom spotlight brought to you in part by Mary Gifford of Gifford Law. This week’s Meet a Mom interview is a special edition of where is she now! I’m so excited to re-introduce you to North Shore mom of two, Lindsay Pinchuk, who, in February 2021, shared with us her story of why she sold her company in 2019, and continued on with the role of Vice President. When asked if she ever regrets selling her company, she doesn’t skip a beat: “It was time for me to move forward from a place of bootstrapping my business and the sale of the company allowed me to do that.”

On January 6th of this year (2022) Lindsay made another bold move. She launched another new business AND a podcast, both taking the small business world by storm. Now she helps businesses big and small build and monetize their communities through content, social media, email and partnerships. And as for the podcast, she has the privilege of chatting with female founders from around the globe bringing invaluable entrepreneurial information, advice and lessons-learned to the listeners from coast to coast. If you’re thinking of starting a new company, or walking away from your current one, this interview is for you. Welcome, Lindsay!



Hi Lindsay! Please re-introduce yourself. 

Hi North Shore Moms! My name is Lindsay Pinchuk, I am originally from the suburbs of Detroit. I moved to Chicago in 2001 after I graduated from the University of Michigan for a career in advertising. After ten years working in magazine publishing I launched my own company, the original community for parents-to-be and parents here in Chicago—Bump Club and Beyond. I moved to the North Shore in 2017—it’s crazy to think I’ve been here for over five years now—and in 2019 I sold my company to a California-based agency holding company. Last summer I made the decision to leave as I wanted to help other female founders, small business owners and entrepreneurs to find the same kind of success that I did!


How old are your daughters now? What are you most proud of about each of them?

My daughters are almost 9 (Lila) and almost 12 (Jordyn). I am so proud of each of them for so many reasons. I am proud of Jordyn for the incredible friend that she has become. She knows who she is, she’s kind, and she’s there for her friends. She is sure about who she wants to be friends with and how she treats others. For an almost twelve year old—that is a tough feat.

In regards to Lila I am most proud that she too knows who she is and who fills her bucket—she surrounds herself with those people and knows when to walk away. I am also SUPER proud of her that she made the travel softball team in our town. 🙂



What are one or two fun facts to know about you since we last launched your Meet a Mom February 2021?

After spending all of the pandemic riding my Peloton bike to nowhere, all I wanted was to interview Jenn Sherman, Peloton’s OG instructor, and I found a way to make that happen through my podcast, Dear FoundHer… (you can hear that conversation here…) Now I want to be her BFF—she is just as cool, if not cooler than you would think she would be IRL. I nearly died when she started following me on social media. She really is that awesome.


When we last featured you, you were Vice President, forever Founder, of Bump Club & Beyond. Suffice it to say you’ve recently made a major pivot. Tell us more about this career pivot!

So in the summer of 2021 I made the decision to exit Bump Club and Beyond. A few things were happening: 1-I wasn’t a mom of young kids anymore. It felt inauthentic showing up and talking about products I was no longer using. 2-People in my network were reaching out and asking to hire me for projects. They wanted me to help with content, social media and building their communities. I wanted to say YES to these projects—but I couldn’t as I was working very long hours for the new company that owned BCB. But me wanting to say yes was a key indicator that it was time to start the exit process.

I left last summer and now I help businesses big and small build and monetize their communities through content, social media, email and partnerships. I offer both consulting services for enterprise brands and coaching services for individuals and small businesses. I’ve also taught a group class that was incredibly successful (stay tuned—I will likely offer it again before the end of the year!) I’m also starting to be booked for public speaking engagements surrounding my craft of building and monetizing communities as well as starting a business. AND in January I launched my podcast, Dear FoundHer… it is a twice weekly letter to female entrepreneurs offering advice on founding, growing, scaling and in some cases selling a business. The podcast is by far one of my most favorite things I have ever launched and by far the best part of Lindsay Pinchuk 2.0.



Your podcast, Dear Foundher, launched in January of this year. Why did you decide to do a podcast? What was the process of creating it and launching it?

I had ALWAYS wanted to start a podcast, but I knew I didn’t want to do it in the parenting space. When I decided that I was going to leave BCB, I knew I wanted to produce a podcast to support other female founders and small business owners. It is my goal to champion as many business owners as I possibly can. I also figured that this would be a great marketing tool for my new business and a great place to share lessons, advice and thought leadership from my own experiences.

I took a class from a podcaster, Cathy Heller. She taught not only the production of the podcast, but also the business of podcasting and how to monetize what you are doing. You don’t start a podcast to make money off ads—but I have been able to land some really amazing clients from Dear FoundHer…

So as I took the class I built the podcast and I started interviewing founders in late 2021. Honestly, I set a date of January 6, 2022 and I just went for it. That was the day I worked towards and I dropped the first episode on the target launch date.


Who have been your mentors and/or champions through this process of switching gears?

Aside from my family and friends, I have to be honest—every single guest on Dear FoundHer… has championed me, my podcast and my new business. They have passed along my business to contacts, recommended me for work and have continued to be there for me whenever I need support. And the same goes true of me for them. I cannot tell you how many incredible women I have met, connected with and truly brought into my network because of Dear FoundHer


Advice time… What are two of the most asked questions you get?

1. Do you regret selling your business?

The answer is no, not one bit. It was time for me to move forward from a place of bootstrapping my business and the sale of the company allowed me to do that. Additionally, my sale closed in 2019. We were an events based business. Had it still been under my ownership and we didn’t have the backing of a larger institution, we would have gone out of business in 2020. So I am forever grateful for the sale and its timing.

2. Who helps you with your social media?

No one, it’s all me! I started my first company in 2010—before social media was a thing. I grew my company alongside social media. I taught myself the platforms and I educated myself on how to use them for business. Through it all, I created a process for content creation, and one that really allows me to squeeze the juice out of every piece of content I create. This is what I teach—in my classes and to my clients. Creating the content is less than half of the battle….having a process that works for publishing it is the other half.


What do you tell yourself to build you back up when you’re feeling that moment of defeat?

Honestly, I shut the computer, close what I am doing and take a break. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes until tomorrow. Sometimes if I can, I take a day. I go for a walk, ride my Peloton, clear my head and then get back to it as soon as I can.


Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Yes—I know that there are a lot of women here who have passion projects, side hustles and who want to take what they’re doing to the next level. I want those people to know that 1-it’s never too late. 2-You just have to put it out there and get started. 3-Don’t worry what other people think—just do it.


How do our readers get in touch with you to learn more about obtaining services?

Make sure you follow me on Instagram @lindsaypinchuk I share so many amazing tips and advice there.

You can also check out Dear FoundHer… twice a week on Apple, Spotify or wherever you podcast.

And for more, check out

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