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Hello friendly faces! It’s that time of the week! We’re back with a new CNSMoms’ Meet a Mom spotlight brought to you in part by Mary Gifford of Gifford Law. This week’s Meet a Mom interview is with Glenview mom of three cuties, and the founder of Joy of Eating Nutrition personalized nutritional counseling, Jennifer Johnson!

If you’re looking to make any sort of change to your nutritional intake, Jennifer is your girl. As a mom of three food allergic children, her company isn’t just a job, it’s a necessary truth. But Jennifer doesn’t just cater to food allergies, she’s all about tailoring to the specific needs and tastes of clients! Jennifer states: “I get the most satisfaction from seeing clients get back into their life—more healthfully and appreciating the food that works for their body. That looks different for everyone and that’s a joy.” Welcome, Jennifer!

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Please introduce yourself. Where are you from originally? What city do you live in now? What brought you here?

Happy New Year! My name is Jennifer Joy Johnson.  I’m originally from Omaha, NE but have lived here in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years now.  My family and I live in Glenview. 


You’re a mama! How many kiddos do you have and how old are they? Feel free to brag here.  

I am a Mama and thankful to be one! I have three children, one boy and two girls. My son is 14, my middle daughter is 11 and my youngest daughter is 8.  Oh and I have a fourth child, Duke the Goldendoodle:)



What’s a fun fact to know about you?

Back when I worked in Advertising, I actually tap danced at a company meeting!

The Group Creative Director and I made a bet that if we won the new business pitch we were frantically on, that I would showcase my tap dancing capabilities!!

My kids think that story is hilarious and crazy.

Hilarious! What are your favorite North Shore local places to spend with the family?

At this stage, much of our time is spent at our children’s activities. That said, we do love to go out for steak or Mexican. Our personal favorites are Sophia’s Steak and Depot Nuevo both in Wilmette. 



What gets you through a tough day?

Good question.  Ya know, I really enjoy taking a moment to walk my dog.  I love fresh air and I find a meditative walk to be so therapeutic.  


You’re an entrepreneur. Please introduce your company, Joy of Eating Nutrition.   

Joy of Eating Nutrition is your personalized Nutrition Counselor specializing in functional nutrition and food allergy management. Joy of Eating was founded in 2019 as Joy of Eating Food Allergy Consulting. 

I originally was entirely focused on food allergy management as I saw (and still very much see) a white space in the day to day management of food allergic diseases. When diagnosed with a food allergy families learn what they can’t eat, but very little information or support is given on what they CAN eat.  Nevermind where to buy, how to properly cook without cross contact, recipes, etc.  And families need guidance on how to manage social gatherings, travel, eating out and so forth.  It can all be very overwhelming, particularly if you are managing multiple allergies and multiple diets in the same house.  I was familiar with all of this as I had lived it for years and would have loved to have someone to learn from and lean on rather than figuring it all out on my own. Hence Joy of Eating was born. 

Since then I have evolved beyond just food allergy management into functional nutrition coaching too. I believe food is medicine and medicine is food. Many families, particularly those with allergies and intolerances struggle with getting the proper nutrition into the family diet. Nevermind as moms we are often putting ourselves last which leads us to feeling run down, tired and sluggish. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Like the allergy piece, I to have walked this walk, and so that is why I now counsel individuals and families in functional nutrition. 



Awesome, I think we could all use this kind of guidance! What certifications do you hold in this space?

FARE Food Allergy Specialist

Functional Nutritionist

Mom of three food allergic children


When clients come to you what can they expect?

We meet our clients where they are whether in person or over video conference. The initial 15 minute consultation is complimentary so we may understand their needs and answer any questions about our offerings.  

Depending on their goals we arrange 1-2 power sessions or a series of sessions over the course of weeks. Sessions are 30-60 minutes in total.  

We make no judgements and no determinations as to where clients should be on their wellness journey or how their family should eat. Our approach is authentic and genuine as we truly want to see you and your family thriving.  Food is meant to be Fun!


What is an aspect of your business that brings you the most joy – what are you most proud of?  

I get the most satisfaction from seeing clients get back into their life—more healthfully and appreciating the food that works for their body. That looks different for everyone and that’s a joy.


What’s on the horizon for Joy of Eating Nutrition?

As the Health and Wellness Industry continues to grow year over year and with that comes a greater understanding and appreciation of its importance. Increasing awareness in the consequences of processed foods and what it is doing to the health of Americans continues to grow and because of this shift more individuals are looking to functional nutrition to eat better. 

The pendulum swing in the allergy community to recognizing the whole person, not just the allergy, is changing families lives for the better. Physicians are starting to realize these restrictive diets and unnecessary avoidances are taking mental health tolls on families and it’s not needed. 

Food is one of our most basic needs.  Its meant to be enjoyed and Joy of Eating Nutrition is here to guide you!



How do our readers learn more about booking with you?

Learn more about my services by visiting my website at Reach out! Call or email me at 773-263-3855 and [email protected]. And I hope you’ll join my journey on social media -follow joyofeating_nutrition on Instagram. Cheers!

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