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Meet North Shore resident Staci Friedman! Staci is the founder and owner of her busy life coaching practice, Mindshift Mama Coaching. Staci’s mission is to help moms shift from chaos to controlled. She practices living mindfully and being present on a daily basis but admits that it’s not always easy. Here is Staci’s story.


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?

I am originally from Minneapolis, MN. I moved to Chicago in 2000 and in 2004 I returned to MN. We moved to Highland Park in 2014!


Child(ren) and Age(s)?

1 UBER active, fun-spirited boy who just turned 9.


Favorite things to do with your son? 

Laughing! Making him laugh and being “present” with him. My son loves jokes, goofing off and just making other people smile. Watching my son grow so quickly reminds me to savor the slow and pause. It isn’t always easy but, when I do…it fills me up!


What are your favorite places to take him in the North Shore and the city of Chicago?

My son absolutely loves taking the train into the city! When we get to Ogilvie Train Station our favorite stomping grounds are getting bites at Eataly Chicago and the French Market, then we head back to Highland Park. He wants to be a chef when he grows up. Well, that or a DJ. (for now 😎). My husband was a professional photographer back in the day so we go to the city with a point & shoot cameras in hand and explore.

We also like to support locally owned “brick and mortars” so we frequent as many as we can around the North Shore. Oh but he has MAD love for the lego store. We take advantage of the free activities around the mall. Garage Band Coding Classes at Apple, Lego Life Club (creative club) at the Lego store. And we are regulars at Menchies and MOD Pizza in Deerfield.


Favorite family meal-hack?

I can’t cook at all. No insta-pot, slow-cooker or microwave can save me. Trust me, I have tried. I love Whole Foods. I grab things straight from the deli. Heat it up and serve it up. My husband is near vegan and I LOVE meat and cheese! My son thankfully will eat whatever we serve.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

People assume teaching was my main career however…I am a former marketing and event planner who traveled the world creating over 100+ promotions and events including many for high-profile clients. So yes, I am a trained Primary Montessori Teacher and Parent Educator with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, but I have a lot of other “tricks” and life experiences, which, has been the impetus behind shifting my career to become a life coach of my own business, Mindshift Mama. Staci explains so eloquently on her web site:

“In 2010 I hit my personal rock bottom.I was a new mom, teaching full-time, and my Dad was battling for his life having been diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and early on-set Alzheimer’s. My son had his own medical issues yet I had to work full-time as we were living paycheck to paycheck which undoubtedly caused stress in my marriage. I also felt uncomfortable in my own skin, struggling with losing the baby weight. I was frustrated with life and I completely lost myself….In June 2013 I found a nutritional solution that helped me drop 20+ pounds and many inches. It was just the catalyst I needed; what I thought I had no time for quickly became my reality as I stepped into my courage to un-become all the things I was not. With a newfound energy, I took the life that was passing me by into my own hands and I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to appear. I decided
to light that (*****) up myself!”


Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood? 

I feel grateful for my entire village of Mamas (including my own Mom). I never lose sight of the moments when we share the good, the challenging, the ugly moments. I feel it is important to create a solid foundation of support and it truly takes a village.This parenthood thing is NOT meant to be done alone; it is a collective experience filled with friends, co-workers, family, partners, spouses…

Finding a tribe and surrounding myself with them has allowed me to be open and vulnerable and ask for help when I need it. And mostly love on them hard and let them do the same!


Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!

Yes! My life’s passion unleashes through Mindshift Mama coaching. I am a woman who loves empowering other women to step into the world of TRUE abundant living. I am more than a life coach. I am the Mindshift Mama; your soul-sister, vision-caster, go-to, authentic, life-balance creator!

I help moms SHIFT their minds and bodies with my online courses and 1:1 coaching; Shift Your Mind and Single Shift courses help moms shift from chaos to controlled, overwhelmed to mindful, and stressed to simplicity. In the horizon for this year a membership community called Mindshift Mama Village!

That is an amazing career path! It sounds like we could all use a mindshift coach and I love the name! What is your mantra? 

I have two that I absolutely love: “I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that ***** up myself!” and “I am unapologetic in my evolution. Daily, hourly, every single second.”


The term “mindful” seems to be picking up steam in daily life. Where do you find the strength to truly live mindful?

Well, I am not perfect. I am imperfectly perfect so it isn’t a skill that comes naturally to me. I use all the tips and tricks I teach my clients. I have to pause, take a break, breathe through situations and remind myself all that I share. Being mindful for me is a journey not a destination. I lose my cool, I scroll on social media when my son is in the room and I get anxious or filled with worry too. I make it a point to practice mindfulness  – my life isn’t always sunshine and roses. I have major face-plant moments like everyone. The practice is what grounds me. It helps me return to calm, ease when I stray the other way.


What advice do you share with moms who reach out to you?

In my recent course I am asking moms to reflect on gratitude for themselves. It’s amazing how often we don’t recognize all the gifts we share and have within. I had one mom tell me she had a hard time thinking of anything. Together we came up with a beautiful list. I could see her eyes light up as we went through the process.


Can you think of a mom who has taken your course that has truly inspired you? 

I have an incredible testimonial that I have shared – she is an extremely busy mom of 3 and a corporate rock star who reached out to me. We did 1:1 and she has taken my courses. This is what she said:

“This woman has helped me shift so many times. From chaos and self doubt to simplicity and self love. Time and again. Whether it be a rough morning where I can’t get my kids out the door without losing my shit, or navigating the overwhelming waves of not being a good enough mom, daughter, sister, friend, worker…. big or small – she is AMAZING and so gifted at what she does. Practical solutions, no bullshit approach that is direct but spot on and caring and wonderful. You will feel better. Life will be simplified. Your inner power will dust itself off and shine again.”


How has the North Shore community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now? 

I have come to realize how grateful I am and deeply inspired to have met so many North Shore moms. Moms who have taken my courses, done 1:1 coaching and support Mindshift Mama too. It honestly brings me so much joy and allows me to feel I am giving back to a community that is always lifting me up and supporting me on my journey as an uber busy mom as well.  We’re all getting our SHIFT on one way or another!

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