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If you live in the North Shore or on Instagram, likely you’ve had a virtual run-in with our very own local Comedian, Andrea Rappaport, Founder and Content Creator for the social media platforms, Andrea Doesn’t Give a Duck. Andrea isn’t exactly camera shy. In fact, follow along side her Instagram posts and Insta stories, her photo shoots alone will likely have you laughing out loud, while her “Unfollowed” and “Real Housewives of Instagram” videos will outright knock you off your chair! Comedy aside, Andrea is perfection when keeping it real. Her occasional and very real panic attacks create an opportunity for a different photo shoot backdrop… in the hospital. On November 28, 2018, just weeks after I hit that “follow” button, up popped a photo of a distraught Andrea dressed in a hospital gown, describing a very raw and vulnerable night-time panic attack and what later ensued. She writes, “I’m sharing the story, not only because I promised to be transparent, but because I think it’s important to show what a panic attack actually looks like.”


I love that I can laugh and cry with Andrea (but mostly LMAO) and I hope you will too! And now, Chicago North Shore Moms is thrilled beyond words to present to you, lovely readers, this exclusive Meet a Mom interview with Andrea Rappaport, funny mom of Andrea Doesn’t Give a Duck!





Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?

I grew up in San Antonio, TX. I have been in Chicago off and on since 1999. Been in suburbs since 2014!



Child(ren) and Age(s)?

Julian is 4 and Oliver is 2.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you (ie. Race runner or swimmer, triathelete, world traveler, actor, perfect score on your SAT, etc.) …

 I got bored during the SAT test, so I just sort of …stopped. True story.



Favorite mom hack?

It’s kind of revolutionary…it’s called “screen time”.



Favorite place to take the kids?




Guilty pleasure (ie. Food, desert, snack, hobby)?

Watching House Hunters and The Real Housewives (and my own Insta stories).



Go-to cosmetic “tired eraser”?

Instant eye lift by Trish McEvoy. And any under eye pad mask.



Favorite book for you?

Does Buzzfeed count?



Favorite Children’s book?

Let’s go all around the Neighborhood.



A perfect day with the family is….

Is this a riddle?!?!? 😉



Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

My therapist. My friends. Mommy crew. The employees at the Target on Lake Cook Road.



Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!

I am a comedian, actor, social media personality, Influencer and content creator. (All in one breath!) @andreadoesntgiveaduck.


I am also the co-owner of Flawless Beauty Chicago, an on site beauty services company. Beyond offering makeup services, my partner, Christina, and I are the brains behind the Moms Makeup Minute video series.




Please offer advice with respect to your endeavor…

Talk about it. Whatever it is. You will feel SO much better when you do. And take your makeup off at night. Sleeping in makeup is gross.



What’s on the horizon?

I’m all about the videos now, my current regular series are:

  • The Real Housewives Of Instagram, a new series, which is a parody on The Real Housewives on Bravo TV.
  • Oy the Vey: a monthly series that’s just two ridiculous girls being ridiculous- with Aylssa Goldwater from A Glass Of Goldwater.
  • My weekly series on Instagram: UNFOLLOWED- where I read a list of some of my favorite Instagram accounts who unfollowed me that week. Watch me as I try to win back their affection (and follow).
  • I’m currently making some really fun videos for some local businesses.
  • Launching the Andrea Doesn’t Give a Duck podcast and a podcast with my pal Alyssa from A Glass Of Goldwater.



What we’d like to know is, have you always been funny? Have you always been an extravert? 

Actually, I’m not an extravert. I would call myself an outgoing introvert. I get kinda nervous in big crowds because there’s a lot of pressure always turn it on and be funny. I love small groups and hanging out one on one. But yes, I’ve always been funny. Most of my life I’ve used humor as a defense mechanism to deflect how I was really feeling. I’ve always had anxiety but I didn’t know that there was a name for that feeling until I had my second son. That’s when the bottom literally fell out.



So many of us can truly relate to that. And we appreciate your humor to bring us to that happy place. Can you speak more about your anxiety? What did you do to get help and feel better?

As I mentioned before I had severe anxiety and panic attacks after the birth of my second son. My anxiety was debilitating (vomiting multiple times a week); so many medical tests were performed to find out what was wrong with me. Come to find out it was this deep-rooted anxiety. I started feeling relief when I was finally able to peel back layers of the onion and get to a better place. I got the help I needed and for me, which is truly a personal decision, it was therapy and medicine that helped.



You’re quite brave to speak so freely about your experiences with anxiety, panic and even maintenance. What keeps you in balance and able to maintain your funny?

I really don’t like the word “balance” because sometimes it’s just not possible. We don’t always have it together. On my site and in some of my merchandise you’ll see the phrase “nailing imperfection.” We don’t have to be perfect. This idea sets all of us up for failure and disappointment; it opens up opportunities for our own minds to be unkind to ourselves. When I do experience a panic attack or severe anxiety I look for something to make me laugh to get me through it. And laughter is my favorite form of cardio; I’m talking about holding-in-pee laughter. 



Oh, I love that kind of laughter, too, agreed! Favorite name-recognizable comedians that make you laugh like the holding in pee kind of laughter…..

Gilda Radner, Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin, Tina Fey. My most favorite quote that I use all of the time comes from the late Joan Rivers, “I say out loud what everyone else is thinking.”

Also, Amy Phillips (who does impersonations of the Real Housewives) and Jeff Lewis from Bravo’s Flipping Out and the RadioAndy xm. He’s not an actual comedian but I love him and I crack up listening to his show).



You mentioned that you have a podcast coming out. When and how can people listen?

Stay tuned! We already recorded the first episode and we expect it to be out by June! You can search for Andrea Doesn’t Give a Duck under any podcast app! 



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