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Tis’ the season for the Flu & colds, and run down parents- but you don’t have to struggle through it, let Hydration Coach help!  A little IV or shot and you’ll be up and running in no time!    

Hydration Coach is owned and operated by Nora Ross, a Registered Nurse who brings IV hydration and vitamin support to you when you most need it.  From immunity boosting infusions, migraine relief, support recovering from a late night, and everything in between (customizable IVs also available upon consultation!), she brings to you professional, safe, and convenient vitamin IV hydration.

Nora has been a nurse for more than 20 years and has specialized in IV infusions for the past five years.  She started Hydration Coach as a way to combine her passion for helping people feel better with her well-crafted skills of starting IVs. “I truly love working with my patients to understand their health needs and creating unique IV infusions that address their needs and truly get them feeling better, faster.  Whether it’s rebooting after a long week at work, or with the kids, replenishing after a long weekend, getting over a cold/flu quicker, or training/recovering from an athletic event, I’ve seen it all!  Some people even notice immediate hydrating effects like plump lips, hydrated skin, and more energy.”.

Hydration Coach also offers injections that can be given along with any infusion. B-12, glutathione and vitamin D are some of the most popular injections and people report feeling noticeably better and more energized after!


Tell us about your business! 

My business is called Hydration Coach LLC and I am a brand new business owner!  I received my LLC in August of 2021 and started seeing customers in November.  I am the founder of Hydration Coach as well as a Registered Nurse.    


What is your specialty?

My current RN specialty is infusion nursing. I have been employeed full time at a wonderful infusion clinic and for the last almost 5 years have honed by nursing skills in this field. 


What was the inspiration behind the formation of your business?

I realized that there was a big need for this service in the Chicagoland area, and that I could really employee my strong nursing skills out in the community to deliver convenient, safe and effective care.   


Why did you decide to go into this line of work?

I wish I had a more romantic answer for this question haha! Nursing has far and away turned into my calling but it did not start out like that. I was undecided on a major while away at Marquette University and one late night my friends and I hatched a plan for me to join them as a Nursing major-so we could have classes together. Very profound. Like I said, I wish I had a better story about how it was my calling since childhood. Nursing has been such an important part of my life in so many ways but mostly it allows me serve others.   


How long did it take to open your doors from the start of the planning process to opening day?

It took about 3 months. I’ve been so excited to take advantage of the need for this type of service and get up and running even sooner than I projected! It has been such a fun and eye opening experience getting a business off the groud-I am still learning and figuring the business side of things out of course but the nursing skills have been ready to go for about 20 years!


How are you dealing with the work/life balance? Any advice for future entrepreneurs out there?

Work life balance has been holding strong! I have a lot of wonderful examples of people in my life who started small businesses and went for their dreams and I saw up close what it took to get there. I had realistic expectations and decided that this business was going to come first and be my priority. And that cheesy saying of something to the effect of “If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life”-I’m getting a taste of that through Hydration Coach.

In terms of advice, for me it worked best to take small steps to work toward my entrepreneurial goal, to reach out to business owners/RN mentors and new business owners podcasts-lots of podcasts to educate and inspire myself.        


What was the most difficult road block you encountered with regards to starting your business and/ior opening your doors for the first time?

I’d say the biggest road block for me was the overwhelm in general of starting my own business. That was where the advice of taking one small step at a time came in handy. And more specifically as a licensed professional and busniess owner there are many rules, regulations and best practices to follow and those can be vast and confusing to navigate.  


What’s on the horizon (with respect to your endeavor; future plans or goals)?

On the horizon I envision being able to help and take care of as many patients as possible!  I hope to serve the community with mobile IV hydration full time and look forward to growing my business with new team members. All things health and wellness that I am able to deliver as an RN I would be open to-I think the possiblities are endless.  

Hydration Coach
Phone (text or call): 847-224-1950 
Instagram: @Hydration.Coach.LLC

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