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How to Take What You Know About Social Media and Turn It Into a Flexible, Fulfilling Career


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Moms, this one’s for you. So you all know how it’s so important to have flexibility in our lives when it comes to mombossing and raising kids. Perhaps you don’t currently have that and need a little push to make a career change OR even get back into the workforce. CNSM recently worked with a company that makes it their business to empower moms to find fulfillment through flexible work as independent social media managers. The company is called Hay There Social Media, and if you haven’t heard of them, we highly recommend you check them out.

How does Hay There Social Media empower women to take control of their entrepreneurial careers? Via completion of a customized and comprehensive six week course in freelance social media management called Core Training. Ellie from CNSM has completed the course and even got a new certification: a Proof of Completion NFT, which is a unique, verifiable digital certificate she can take with her and apply to future work. The certificate proves competency and credibility in executing social media contracts from start to finish. Furthermore, their supportive community is a real differentiator, with access to the iNsiders community, professional development sessions and huddles for real-world talk-it-out learning opportunities.

More exciting news is that they have launched Core Training “Lite,” which is a box that delivers proven curriculum in a “Lite,” self-paced program. This is a less upfront cost and low-risk way to gain credibility, community and connection that Hay There delivers through its signature Core Training.

Many of you know from reading CNSM’s Meet a Mom series that we have a passion for empowering women. In that same spirit, we recently co-hosted an informational webinar with Emily, to chat about a flexible career in becoming a freelance social media manager. In this webinar with the Hay There Social Media team, they dove into the dynamic landscape of the social media industry today, with a special focus on the exciting possibilities the profession holds that you may not know existed. Emily shared stories of real women doing this work everyday and addressed the earning potential in the industry. To wrap it up, she offered practical next steps for attendees and discounted offers for the certificate programs.

To sum it all up, we all know flexibility is a “must have,” not a “nice to have” with today’s demands on families. Sometimes, all it takes is a little retraining and the right support to access new opportunities. If this is something you’d like more information on, simply visit Hay There Social Media. I am proud to offer a $250 off discount to women who enroll in the Core Training program and a % off the new Core Training Lite by using promo code: haytherechinsmoms250

Learn more, watch the webinar recording here:

And feel free to schedule a call with Hey There Social Media and speak with Emily, Ali or Kelly about what the Core Training and Core Training Lite entails. Go you!

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