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It is that time of year again! Graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and summer vacations. Being outdoors and going on trips are an American pastime after being cooped up all winter and the pandemic, of course. Freedom! Chicago North Shore Moms’ partner Kevin Ramirez of Restoration 1 Chicago North Shore has a few reminders that could save you from coming home from your vacation to a major disaster.

In Chicagoland, we go out of town for a week with our extended family. We always go up to Wisconsin for some golfing, swimming, and the ever-intense board gaming.

Even when we are highly organized and overprepped, things can be overlooked that can cause massive damage to your home if not paid attention to. Perform one final walkthrough of your home to make sure the water is shut off, the gas stove is turned off and the toilet was not overflowing…. yes, it happens more than you think.

Here’s a real life story with a client of Restoration 1 of Chicago North Shore: A family I know was off to the Caribbean and the youngest had to go to the bathroom while everyone was waiting outside. In a rush, she forgets to turn off the faucet and the water ran full blast for a week! Not only did they have an astronomical water bill, worse of all, the water overflowed when the hand towel fell into the sink and blocked the drain. This flooded the house. A six-figure damage that could have been prevented with a little attention to double checking. The family had to spend a few months in a hotel.

In our family, I take on the responsibility to be the last person to leave the house. I check the faucets, the stove, the fridge, and freezer door are closed. The toilets are not running and the hose bib to the outdoor faucets are turned off. No windows are left opened, all doors are locked, security alarm is activated, and the security lights are ready to go. If someone is checking on the house or house sitting, show them where the main water shut off is located… in case of emergencies!

Believe me, it is all worth it.


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