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Garage doors are built with high-quality material. However, no matter how durable the material is, garage doors can still become defective in no time. If you notice any damaged or broken part of your garage door, don’t neglect it.*

If you left untreated the injured components of your garage door, it could lead to more problems in the future. As a result, it could give you stress and frustrations.

Fortunately, this article will give you different garage door maintenance tips to ensure your garage door is safe to use.


Tips For Garage Door Maintenance

A faulty garage door can become a massive problem for your daily activities. That’s why we come up with different tips for you to know if your garage door has issues.


Listen To Your Garage Door When Operating


Sometimes, you can instantly know if your garage door has problems by listening if it produces scraping sounds or has jerky movements. A well-maintained garage door should not do any irregular movements in its motion and should not make noisy sounds when moving up or down.

If you want to make sure that your garage door is in its best condition, check both sides of the system. The pulleys, springs, and garage door cables should look symmetrical and not damaged.


Remove Any Obstruction in Your Tracks


Conduct a thorough inspection of your garage door tracks to ensure that they are free of dust and debris. Also, you can use a level to ensure that the garage door tracks are accurately vertical along their straight sections.

Additionally, you can call a garage door repair in Schaumburg to make significant adjustments to your garage door tracks. In this way, you can safely use your garage door again.


Fasten The Hardware

If you’re using your garage door regularly, expect your hardware to become loose. The vibration and motion caused by your garage door make its hardware, and the door itself to become loose. When this happens, it could cause accidents as it can go off track.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you check out your rollers and track every once in a while, and have a garage door roller replacement performed if they are damaged.


How To Lubricate a Garage Door?


Lubricating your garage door components is important to prevent future garage door issues. Additionally, putting lubricant to your garage door parts will help them to prolong their life.

Here are the steps on how you can lubricate your garage door:

  • Close Your Garage Door: Ensure that you shut down your garage door before you lubricate its parts.
  • Disconnect To the Power Source: If the door opens while you’re lubricating the parts, it could be risky. That’s why make sure to unplug the door from the main power.
  • Remove All the Dirt and Dust: Your next objective is to remove any debris on all sides of your door. This dirt and dust can become a blockage, so you must remove them.
  • Spray Each Hinges: Unlubricated hinges could produce annoying sounds. To prevent this, lubricate each hinge for a quiet and smooth movement of your garage door. Besides that, the hinges keep the door panels together and allow them to bend. If you notice one or two of the panels are damaged, you can contact an expert for garage door panel replacement.
  • Lubricate The Garage Door Rollers: Rollers could also produce a lot of noise when the door is moving up or down. That’s why, if you want a quieter operation, you must properly lubricate them.
  • Lubricate The Outer Part of The Bearings and Springs: Use your lubricant spray to cover the external part of the garage door springs. Afterward, check your bearing plates and lubricate the center of it.
  • Apply Lubricant to The Garage Door Rails: This is the component that houses your garage door chain, so it needs to be lubricated.
  • Spray The Lock: Put some lubricant into the key area. Also, make sure to lubricate the other moving components and tumbler.


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