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Before installing a garage door, homeowners first have to make the crucial decision of choosing a garage door style.*

You can choose from an extensive range of materials, colors, finishes, types, and additional features.

When selecting, you shouldn’t just depend on your preference, but you also have to consider your house’s architecture.

Different house styles have matching garage door types. Thus, you have to choose a door that will boost your home’s curb appeal and property value.


Traditional Garage Door Style

Also known as raised-panel doors, traditional garage doors are made of classic panels that are symmetrical. These panels can be either made of steel or wood, and you have the option to insulate your door.

The neat and classic appearance of traditional-style doors is why they hardly go out of style. And they perfectly match an extensive range of American and European home styles.

You can choose from different raised-panel styles, colors, materials, and finishes to boost the appeal of your home exterior.

Listed below are the types of houses that match the traditional garage door style.

  • Tudor homes
  • Mediterranean houses
  • Craftsman
  • Cape home architecture
  • Colonial style houses
  • Victorian homes
  • Ranch
  • Spanish house styles
  • French country homes


Contemporary Garage Door Style


Modern house styles call for a garage door that best complements its clean lines and modern features. The garage door that you’re looking for is a contemporary garage door.

Modern garage doors offer distinct lines and practical features that go with contemporary house styles. They also create a bold statement for your home exterior.

Contemporary homes take advantage of natural lighting. You can also incorporate this feature in your garage door by installing windows.

To further elevate the style of your modern garage door, you can play with different add-on features and window styles. Sometimes, unconventional designs work for the better.

Popular materials for contemporary garage door styles include steel, aluminum, glass, and wood.


Carriage Garage Door Style


From its name, you can imagine that carriage-style garage doors look like the doors used in barns. Indeed, this garage door type gets its style from early carriage houses, which are used to keep carriages.

Carriage-house garage doors swing open from the center. They are typically made of wood and natural finishes.

Given this, you would think that carriage-house garage doors wouldn’t suit modern house designs. In reality, carriage-style garage doors have many applications, including contemporary homes.

Modern carriage-style doors are now more flexible. You can contact a garage door opener repair & installation service to install an automatic door opener to make operating your garage more convenient. You can also change the paint and finish of your garage door depending on the style you’re aiming for.

Some house styles that match carriage-house garage doors include:

  • Ranch homes
  • Tudor houses
  • Craftsman homes
  • Contemporary farmhouse
  • Colonial houses
  • Mediterranean houses

A garage door is an investment you certainly don’t want to put to waste. Hence, you must select the best garage door type for your unique house style.

When choosing the type of garage door, you should consider the overall design of your home. This will ensure that your house’s exterior design is consistent and agreeable.

Call a professional garage door repair service and have a new garage door installed that will suit the style and design of your house.

Finally, it’s very important to keep your home secure, therefore, you should consider hiring a professional Locksmith service in order to ensure the safety of your home.


*This article is sponsored by Intergreat Solutions LTD and contain non affiliate links to local garage door businesses for more information.

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