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Every garage door should have a safety feature to enhance the safety of your children or pets at home. Additionally, having safety sensors significantly impacts your home value, especially if you want to sell your property in the future.*

This article talks about guides to garage door safety sensors and why they are essential to your property.


How Garage Safety Sensor Functions?

The photo-eye system and the line of sight are responsible for making a safety sensor work. Check below on how these two elements function.


The Photo-Eye System

Photo-eye systems are usually installed on each side of a garage door. The photo-eye system is an infrared sensor that makes your garage door safety feature work. By pressing your garage door remote, the door will open instantly after it receives a signal.

Garage door sensors are made to prevent unnecessary accidents such as the rapid shutdown of your garage door. If an object is on the pathway of your garage door, it will go upward instead of going down.


Line Of Sight

The second element is the line of sight which sends an infrared beam directly to the garage door to keep it open. However, if the beam is undisturbed, your garage door will immediately go down.


Potential Signs of a Safety Sensor Issue

Typically, if you want to close your garage door, it will shut down right away. However, in some cases, garage doors reopen even though there’s no object blocking the pathway. If that’s the case, your safety sensors are on the verge of failing.



We will explain below the different reasons you need to check to know if your garage door sensors are malfunctioning.


Blinking Sensors

One important thing you need to check out for is a blinking sensor. This kind of problem can be an indication that you have a problem with your garage door sensor. In cases like this, you’ll need to check if there’s damage on your sensors or if the battery is running out of juice.


Faulty Garage Door Movement

Typically, garage doors are meant to move up or down smoothly with uninterrupted movements. However, if your garage door starts to open and close with jerky movements or begins to reverse its direction, this is a sign of a malfunctioning garage door sensor.

Sometimes, a malfunctioning sensor causes your door to not entirely close. If that’s the case, try to close your garage door by using your remote controller. Another option is to directly hit the main power of your garage door to shut it down. Faulty garage door movement can also happen for other reasons, such as broken springs. In this case, you should contact a garage door service for garage door spring repair.


The Door Is Shutting Down Without a Blockage

If your door still goes down without any blockage, you might have defective safety sensors. If it does, it could cause injuries to you and your family. When this happens, don’t neglect it and call for a garage door repair service to fix the sensors immediately. You can also go to an online business directory to find a service close to you.


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