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As busy moms, we really love finding products that can help us stay healthy while fitting seamlessly into our lives (read: don’t take much time or effort to use, and really work!). Our newest partner, supplement brand CocoaVia™, checks all those boxes. Available in both a yummy powder mix and an easy to swallow capsule, it’s a super quick way to give your heart and brain a little love every day.


Research has shown over the years that the main ingredient in CocoaVia, cocoa flavanols, can noticeably improve both heart and brain health. Want to learn more? Here are a few key things you should know about this research as well as more on this innovative product:



It Has Proven Health Benefits…
The company behind CocoaVia, Mars, Inc., has researched the health benefits of cocoa flavanols for more than 20 years. All their products go through rounds and rounds of extensive testing, and each contains 450 mg of cocoa flavanols— the highest concentration available in a supplement on the market. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated these powerful flavanols support brain and heart health by promoting healthy blood flow.


…That Extend to the Brain and Heart
Why is healthy blood flow so integral? Essentially, it ensures the brain is properly nourished and performs at its best. At the same time, studies have shown that cocoa flavanols boost nitric oxide levels in the body, which aids the cardiovascular system.


They Use the Best Beans
Just like any coffee snob can taste the difference in low or high quality coffee beans, the same can be said for cocoa beans. CocoaVia sources the highest-quality beans from their network of independent family farmers in Indonesia, and then puts these beans through their proprietary process which ensures quality, purity and potency.





There Are Several Easy Ways to Use It
CocoaVia™ comes in capsules and delicious powdered mixes—both made using the brand’s proprietary “Cocoapro®” process and containing 450 mg of cocoa flavanols in each serving. Both are vegan.


You Can Integrate It In Seconds Into Snacks and Meals
The powdered mixes are as simple as any supplement powder to add to coffee (hot or iced!) smoothies, oatmeal, or other go-to recipes. The Cran-raspberry flavor can be mixed directly into water for an easy on-the-go boost at the gym. Because  these are individually packaged,  CocoaVia™ stick packs are perfect to keep in your purse or using while traveling.


It Does What Dark Chocolate May Not
Dark chocolate certainly contains some of these important flavanols, but you’d have to eat the equivalent of 700 calories of chocolate to get the same amount, and there’s no way to know how processing has affected the amount of flavanols in the final product.  Not to say that eating dark chocolate isn’t a tasty way to add additional flavanols to your diet—but if you want to ensure you’re getting enough to make a difference in your health, it probably shouldn’t be the only way.


To read more about the science behind CocoaVia, click here.


To try CocoaVia products, order at Use code LOCALMOMS30 for 30 percent off your order.



 This post is sponsored by CocoaVia.

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