Ugh – 30 days…. They say the brain is like a muscle – use it or lose it. I totally agree but I’m not used to homeschooling my children. I never signed up for that and I have loads of respect for homeschool parents. Nevertheless, we’ve all been swept up in that current. While many of us are busy trying to figure out a learning schedule that’s realistic, I am, too! I have 3 unique kids ages 4, 8 and 10 = different needs. So, I have decided that part of our daily learning time will consist of box games because they are fun and engaging.


Here’s my list of six games that my age spread have already proven that can easily play together and with me! I hope it helps!


Jenga by Hasbro

Strategy and small motor skills is the name of the game. My kids are always trying new ways to get the tower higher. With the weather being nicer than “normal” try Jenga Outdoor. Hint: there are other less expensive  brands you can find for the outdoor version.



Spot It! by Blue Orange Games

This card game is simple, easy to play, easy to figure out and requires everyone to focus just a bit. There are so many awesome versions of this game now so check ’em out. Watch out mamas, the kiddos’ are usually much better at this game – see what you think!


Family Bingo by Regal Games

I absolutely love this bingo set because relatively speaking it’s mess-free. The cards have sliders instead of chips and the cage keeps the balls contained well. The four-year-old struggled with this one because of the higher numbers but he loved teaming up with with his big sis.


Slamwich by Gamewright

This card game is a cute take on the card game War (so tired of that game…). Slamwich gets everyone focused and it’s a great stress reliever because it offers everyone a chance to slap – not each other! We take this game on all of our trips.


Connect 4 by Hasbro

An oldy but goodie. The four-year-old gets that he needs 4 in a row but needs a bit of help when it comes to strategy. Mostly the little ones just love the plunking and crashing sounds that this game offers. Hey – whatever it takes, right?!


Hedbanz by Spin Master

Super cute take on the classic game of charades. Most of us have seen this game as Heads Up! which became super popular thanks to Ellen Degeneres. This game can be played by almost any age even though it states ages 7+. My four-year-old understood the simple rules and enjoyed being successful while the other two just love the competition. Of course some of the images the little one doesn’t know so we just skip those.


And one more just because…

Uno by Matel

This one seems obvious but… it really is an oldie but goodie. Again, it’s totally a game that all the kids ages 4, 8 and 10 can play together with simple math and simple rules. Go ahead and get yourself a new pack because you know you’re missing tons of cards from that original addition you saved from childhood 🙂



I hope these suggestions are helpful with what in the world to do with the kids for the next 30 or so days. OMG. I’ll continue to post more helpful ideas. I’m not an educator or a therapist but I am a seasoned mama! Oh and one quick thing… I have a tiny disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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