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This topic is not at all sexy but it is important. In the article below, CNSM partner, Kevin Ramirez, owner of Restoration 1 Chicago North Shore, talks about the hidden dangers of mold and what you can do to take control as a homeowner.

Mold is quite mysterious, it is stealth like in its appearance; however, it causes health risks to the unaware. Mold is toxic and is created naturally by moisture and low light. It can develop and manifest itself right under your nose.

As a disclaimer, I am not an Indoor Environmental Profession (IEP). IEP’s are highly trained professionals who specialize in identifying and testing indoor conditions. They are not mitigators. 

Over 21 million people reported to have asthma in the U.S., over 4 million cases are attributed to dampness and mold exposure in the home. (EPA Berkely National, 2007). Mold can cause serious respiratory health issues, especially in young children who are exposed during their younger years. If you are older and have experienced an increase in sinus infections, over 90% may have been caused by mold. According to Dr. Ryan Vaughn, M.D. of Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center in Schaumburg, “Irritants in the environment, including mold, are often triggers for nasal and sinus inflammation. When exposed on an ongoing basis, this can lead to Chronic diseases: such as, chronic sinusitis and associated conditions, such as, nasal congestion, headaches, sleep apnea and allergies.



The main ingredient mold needs to thrive is moisture. It needs less than 2 days to begin growing on a surface. In a home, the common areas are bathrooms, basements, and the attic. Failure to fix a mold issue are health, a potential decrease in home value and the increasing costs associated with professional remediation. Costs range between $600-$30,000 for professional remediation. Less than $100 for a small, isolated area in your bathroom that a homeowner can do by themselves. Note: Please use a chemical respirator, gloves and eye protection when cleaning it yourself. Also, ventilation is especially important. Borax works very well in this situation for painted areas. It also inhibits future growth. Please keep in away from children and pets.



Final tips:  Inspect your bathroom, basement, attic, and any other areas that may have potential moisture. Place a portable dehumidifier in the basement, a small dehumidifier in your bathrooms with shower, perform a home mold test kit and mail it in. If you have health issues, contact an Indoor Environmental Professional and based on their recommendations, hire a professional mold remediation company to remove it. I hope this short article will be beneficial to you, your family, and your home.

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