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Nina Raff has been enriching and improving the lives of students for 14 years and she’s just getting started. The young entrepreneur started a tutoring company called, Raff-A+Matics (clever, right?!) where she employs the 4-tier process: Get up, keep up, rise up and stay up. RaffAMatics tutors are professionals in various careers from licensed teachers to high-level corporate individuals and public speaking experts. Learn more about this company that offers in person and virtual support in every aspect of a students educational journey. Welcome, Nina and RaffAMatics!

Hi Nina! Please introduce yourself. Where are you from originally? What city do you live in now? What brought you here?

I’m Nina Raff, born and raised in the vibrant city of North Chicago. Currently, I reside in Glenview, IL where I have spent 14 years as a teacher empowering students of all ages!  


You are the founder of RaffAMatics, a full-service tutoring company. What was the impetus behind starting RaffAMatics?

The impetus behind RaffAMatics stemmed from witnessing the profound impact of the pandemic on education. It was a wake-up call to revolutionize traditional tutoring methods into a dynamic platform where every student could thrive despite challenges.


What makes RaffAMatics different from other tutoring companies in the area?

RaffAMatics isn’t just about tutoring; it’s about mentorship. We infuse positivity into every session, fostering not only academic growth but also instilling lifelong skills and confidence. We stand out as mentors committed to nurturing our students beyond the classroom.


Tell us about your team!

Currently, I have a dedicated team licensed teachers in the North Shore Chicago area and virtual educators across NYC, California, and Boston. Yes, we’re actively seeking to expand our team, especially in higher-level math and science subjects. 


Do you still see that students are catching up after the aftermath of the pandemic?

Absolutely. The aftermath of the pandemic has left noticeable gaps in students’ learning, which, if left unaddressed, could widen. Our unique 4-tier approach is designed to bridge these gaps effectively. Please refer to website, to learn more about this or click on the diagram below!



How have academics changed over the last few years? And students’ learning styles?

The landscape of academics has evolved, paralleled by shifts in students’ learning styles. With the changing educational environment, students require personalized approaches. At RaffAMatics, we adapt to these changes, tailoring our instruction to meet individual needs.


Nina, what would you like to tell our parents who are looking for tutoring support? Why invest in this?

To parents seeking tutoring support, I’d say: invest in your child’s future. RaffAMatics isn’t just a tutoring service; it’s a commitment to nurturing your child’s potential. We prioritize emotional well-being, building confidence, and fostering positive and valuable relationships.


For prospective educators out there, that want to provide instructional tutoring sessions, what are the qualifications needed to join RaffAMatics?

We seek educators with a bachelor’s degree, tutoring or teaching experience, and a genuine passion for helping others succeed. More than qualifications, we value educators who are dedicated lifelong learners and resonate with our teaching philosophy.


And are you looking to add educators to your team at RaffAMatics?

Absolutely! We’re actively recruiting credible in-person tutors, especially in math, sciences, and SAT/ACT prep, as well as expanding our virtual tutoring team to cater to students nationwide.


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Describe something you’re most proud of in your profession.

I take immense pride in the impact I’ve had on thousands of students’ lives over my 14-year teaching journey. Witnessing former students become educators themselves, inspired by my teaching style, is a testament to the lasting influence of mentorship.


When clients come to you at RaffAMatics, what can they expect?

Clients can expect a transformative experience grounded in genuine care and guidance. At RaffAMatics, we don’t just tutor; we advocate for your child’s success, fostering confidence and academic excellence every step of the way.


What’s on the horizon for RaffAMatics?

We’re excited about expanding RaffAMatics nationwide and potentially partnering with anti-bullying programs to create a safer learning environment. Additionally, we’re exploring innovative online products and lessons to further enhance our educational offerings.


Is there anything else you’d like us to know about RaffAMatics or yourself, Nina?

I’m deeply passionate and determined, believing in aiming for the stars in every endeavor. With a remarkable 90% client retention rate, I’m committed to expanding our vision and reaching more students with the help of dedicated educators. Together, we can make a profound impact.


How do our readers learn more about getting in touch with you?

Three options:
[email protected]
Fill out inquiry form that is linked on the website


Final thoughts…

Work with our amazing tutoring staff located on the North Shore and virtual across the USA! Our expert educators provide top notch tutoring services while building confidence, accountability, and a progressive growth mindset! Our tutors are:

  • Licensed Teachers
  • Med School Students
  • College professors
  • High-level corporate individuals that want to assist young adults in resume building and interviewing skills.
  • Public Speaking experts

​Finally, our compassionate instructional team caters to the social and emotional well-being of our students and provides anti-bullying support! Reach out to start a conversation by filling out this contact form!


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