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Hello friendly faces! It’s that time of the week! We’re back with a new Chicago North Shore Moms spotlight brought to you in part by Mary Gifford of Gifford Law. This week’s Meet a Mom is the lovely Glenview hockey mom and founder of A2 Sales & Marketing and Amplify by A2, Amy Alexander!

Amy Alexander is compassionate, bright and patient just to name a few of the adjectives we’d use to describe the powerhouse behind A2 Sales & Marketing and the newly unveiled Amplify by A2 digital marketing coaching program! We first met Amy back in 2022 when her marketing career was building momentum. Now we’re catching up with her to learn about a recent rebrand, more on Amy’s journey to becoming a marketing guru for small and medium sized businesses, her passion for empowering women in business and how she’s helping SMB’s amplify their product and skills. Plus, get insider tips on North Shore gems and find out what fuels Amy’s unstoppable energy! Welcome, Amy!

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Hi Amy! We’re so excited to catch up with you. Please re-introduce yourself. 

Hey, beautiful mamas of Chicago’s North Shore. I’m Amy Alexander and I have lived within 20-25 miles or so miles of my childhood home in Buffalo Grove for most of my life! 12-years ago, my husband and I bought a home in the Glen in Glenview and have been here ever since.


You’re a mama! Tell us about your super cool son.

When you last heard from me, I shared that I am “the proud mama of one fantastic almost 11-year-old boy, Caleb! Caleb, who daily wants to see if he has surpassed his mama in height–he is just about there.” Well, moms, he’s 12 now and has very quickly grown taller than me. It’s not a surprise, but according to his doctors, he’s not done growing!

A lot has stayed the same with his interests; we still spend most of our time at an ice rink. Caleb is a Bantam now for the Glenview Stars (ice hockey). Being a Bantam player comes with perks; the kids can check now. Eek! Aside from hockey, what is my tween into? When Caleb is not skating, you can find him playing golf or lacrosse, playing his PS5, or not truly listening to his parents–I’m sure all you moms can relate to that one!



What are one or two interesting things to know about you?

As I am writing this, I’m sitting in the SAS airport lounge in Copenhagen, Denmark. Only a true hockey mom would spend their spring break freezing in Denmark and Sweden! My son had an amazing opportunity to compete in an international ice hockey tournament with a few local Chicagoland youth hockey organizations and took 3rd place out of 12 teams.

While in Stockholm, the players, including Caleb, stayed with host families while my husband and I stayed at a local hotel. We all got to experience a bit of Swedish life! Caleb attended school with his billet brother, ate lots of Swedish meatballs, celebrated Easter, and even had a delicious moose stew that was hunted and cooked by the billet dad’s mother!



My husband and I love to travel, and in the past year or so, we have been to Ireland, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Denmark, and Sweden in addition to our US travels.

Less fun but still exciting, I’ve taken up pickleball and can’t wait to play both pickleball and golf as the weather gets better!


Your mantra?

It’s the progress in life, not perfection. Embrace authenticity, and show up as you are!


We’re always looking for recs – what are your favorite North Shore places, spaces, and eats to frequent?

Here we go:

Dairy Bar is our go-to summer place for ice cream– Legit will eat here a few days a week….
Jenny Kane Skin Care, Glenview –Best Facials on the NS
CKF Acupuncture – Place to get my Chi balanced
Reform Pilates – Wilmette, Amazing Reformer Pilates.
Montira Thai and Sushi – Delicious Family owned Thai restaurant in the Glen
Fire Thyme Kitchen, Glenview – Sweet new hot spot in Glenview
Captain Nemo’s, Winnetka – Amazing Tuna Sub
Notice in the Glen – Great place for clothing and gifts
Evereve – Enough said here!
Enaz – Stocked up on “out of my box wears “ for a photo shoot with Nicole Levine Photography
Plateia, Glenview – Greek, Yum!
Hometown Coffee & Juice – Love working here and noshing on their blueberry muffins
Hubby and I love the sandwiches and meat from Forza in downtown Glenview
Sushi from BluFish.
Valley Lo Club, Glenview is our home away from home!
Pixie Nails for my Mani/Pedi
Blow Dry to Go with Lisa Adler
Amazing Makeup Application, Lessons, and Products from Viktoria Elkin


What gets you through tough days?

I continue to find solace in physical activity, such as taking my weekly reformer pilates class, weight training or taking a walk outside, golfing, and adding pickleball to my workout rotation. All of which help me manage stress and maintain a positive outlook. Self-care practices, like treating myself to a massage or a manicure, also provide a much-needed distraction and boost my mood.

The most significant shift has been recognizing when the energy I expend on feelings of defeat no longer serve me.

With the tools and insights gained from my weekly therapy sessions, I now consciously shift my perspective and move forward, focusing my energy on more productive and positive pursuits. I’ve come to understand that holding onto anger and negativity consumes too much valuable mental space, and I am committed to prioritizing my mental well-being and personal growth. Of course, my husband, mom, sister, and my GFs are an amazing support system as well!


Let’s get down to business. We first learned about you when you introduced A2 Sales and Marketing back in October of 2022. Please introduce your rebranded business and your new coaching business, Amplify by A2!

It’s been a JOURNEY! I launched A2 Sales & Marketing the first version in 2016, after noticing so many incredible small business owners and entrepreneurs struggling to get their message out there. They had these brilliant gifts to share but felt stuck on the HOW of marketing themselves strategically.

After a year of being on my own, a client hired me full-time. In 2021, we parted ways and I thought long and hard about what was next! Working with my bestie in business, Denyse Rabbat from DR Career Coaching, together we determined my vitality was in my marketing business.


Amy Alexander and Denyse Rabbat

I wanted to be the resource I wished I had when I first started my business; someone to break it all down in a way that felt doable and FUN. Fast forward to now, and I’ve been blessed to support countless badass business owners in clarifying their brand stories and reaching dream clients through authentic digital strategies.

Something in me kept nudging for MORE – a repositioning to own this mission of empowering women and SMB’s at this stage to amplify their influence unapologetically. So…Amplify by A2 Personalized Coaching was born! Expanded offerings, intensified focus…same unwavering commitment to YOUR growth. 😉


Photo credit: Nicola Levine Photography

Why the rebrand?

When I restarted A2, I was offering done-for-you marketing services. I had a logo that was drawn for me back in 2016, and it did not serve what I needed in 2021. Since I had no budget for a logo, or branding for that matter, I set off to create one myself in Canva. The logo and branding were certainly fine, but two years in I was in a different financial position, and I was ready to begin investing in areas of my business.

I began talking with a wonderful branding graphic designer, Jill Lawlor from Jill Lawlor Creative, who I connected with at my women’s networking group. For months we discussed working on a rebrand, and we began the rebranding process just last fall.

I also studied the market and had conversations with prospective clients. I recognized that there was still an underserved area of SMBs, which was marketing at the most basic level. Like me back in 2021 with a small budget to invest in digital marketing, many of my clients face similar constraints with their marketing budgets. This realization led me to create Amplify Your Influence Personalized Coaching.

With the rebrand, I thought long and hard about changing my business name to Amplify by A2, but after some conversation, it was decided that A2 Sales & Marketing would be the “doing business as,” and Amplify by A2 would be the name of my coaching program. This is why it was the perfect time for the rebrand! I want everything about my business to scream the transformation I stand for – equipping small business owners like us to rise to our full potential, and that means: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Photo credit: Nicola Levine Photography

What services do you offer at A2 Sales & Marketing and Amplify by A2?

Ooh, I’m so glad you asked! At Amplify, we offer two core tracks to support your growth, wherever you’re at in business:

Done-for-you marketing services: Yep, we can straight up HANDLE all your digital strategy and execution, from content development to email campaigns to social media management to funnel optimization. Fully custom, so you can stay in your zone of genius while we amplify your reach!

Amplify by A2 1:1 Personalized Coaching: For my small business owners or solopreneurs ready to become THE go-to expert in your space, this is about creating an iconic personal brand, clarifying your bold message, and showing up consistently with content that converts. I’ll be your thought partner, accountability bestie, and marketing mentor every step of the way.

Webinars and Workshops: Join me every 2nd Friday at noon for engaging webinars and workshops designed to help SMBs thrive. Each month, we tackle a different aspect of running a successful business, from marketing strategies to time management tips. Upcoming workshops:

  • May 12th at noon: Building Meaningful Connections through Networking, let’s connect IRL and I’ll share tips on becoming a master networker–even if networking or putting yourself in a place to connect with others and talk about you freaks you out! Location: TBD in Glenview
  • June 14th at noon: Content Brainstorm!
  • To register, simply click on the link I share via email a few weeks before each session. To ensure you receive these updates, sign up for my email list:

To work with me one-on-one, I invite you to reach out and start a conversation. The best way to do this is by sending a direct message (DM) to my Amplify by A2 Instagram account (@AmplifybyA2). Alternatively, you can schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call with me. During this call, we’ll discuss your business goals and challenges to determine if my personalized coaching services are the right fit for your needs.


Why do small businesses need marketing assistance from a pro? In other words, why is it better to outsource this service?

When running a business, it’s essential to recognize that you don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of it. Most successful business owners understand the value of delegating tasks to professionals who specialize in specific areas. This is especially true when it comes to marketing.

As a business owner, your time is valuable, and it’s crucial to focus on the tasks that generate the highest return on investment. For many of my midlife business owner clients, marketing often falls into the category of tasks they either dislike or lack expertise in. Whether it’s managing social media accounts or crafting compelling email campaigns, these responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming.

This is where working with a professional marketer can make a significant difference. By partnering with an expert who understands your business and target audience, you can free up your time to focus on what you do best while ensuring that your marketing efforts are effective and aligned with your goals.

Moreover, as business owners, we often become too close to our products or services, making it challenging to communicate their value to potential customers effectively. A skilled marketer brings a fresh perspective and can help you identify and highlight the unique selling points that will resonate with your target market.

In my own experience, I’ve found that investing in professional help for tasks outside my area of expertise has been invaluable. My first hire was a contractor to run paid ads, followed by a bookkeeper and a contract video editor. By delegating these responsibilities, I was able to focus on growing my business and delivering exceptional results to my clients.

If you find yourself struggling with marketing or feel like it’s taking up too much of your time, consider partnering with a professional marketer. The right collaboration can help you streamline your efforts, reach your target audience more effectively, and ultimately grow your business.


You also run a podcast, Midlife at the Mailbox. What is this podcast about and where can we find you?

Get ready for an inspiring and transformative journey with the third season of Midlife at the Mailbox, launching this April on Apple Podcasts! This special mini-season consists of six powerful episodes designed to help you become a maven in your midlife.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional looking to make a change, or someone seeking personal growth and fulfillment, this mini-season of Midlife at the Mailbox is designed with you in mind. Each episode builds upon the last, creating a cohesive and transformative experience that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

So mark your calendars and get ready to embark on this journey with us! Subscribe to Midlife at the Mailbox on Apple Podcasts to ensure you don’t miss a single episode. If you find value in our content, please consider leaving a rating and review to help us reach even more midlife mavens-in-the-making. Denyse and I hope you’ll listen! Follow us on Instagram @midlifeatthemailbox. You can listen to us on Apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows.


How do our readers get in touch with you to learn more about obtaining services?

You can find me on most social networks:
Instagram: @amplifybyA2

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