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Rocket Club Academy would have been the place for me when I was young. You’re learning about categories that aren’t taught in school and are ahead of everyone else your age.” – Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple

Chicago North Shore Moms is pleased to introduce to you all Rocket Club Academy, is the world’s first STEAM and entrepreneurship certificate program and community for children ages 7 – 14! CNSMoms had the pleasure of hearing from Alex Hodara, Rocket Club Founder/CEO, and Aicha Sharif, Rocket Club Dean, who shared with us how the program works, what makes it so unique, and the life-long benefits of the certificate program that go well beyond teen years. Read onto learn more about this incredible program, then sign your child up for one of just 10 FREE month-long trials. Head’s up! The program starts in September!



Hi Aicha, thanks for chatting with us! We are so excited to learn more about Rocket Club Academy. Please introduce yourself and this wonderful program.

Thanks! My name is Aicha Sharif and I am the Dean and Chief Experience Officer of Rocket Club Academy, the world’s first STEAM and entrepreneurship certificate program and community for children ages 7-14. Rocket Club Academy was founded in 2018 by 2021 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Alex Hodara.

Rocket Club Academy is hosted virtually for school-aged children from around the world. Our curriculum, which focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, and emotional quotient, has been developed in collaboration with founders of some of the world’s most influential companies, covering 24 cutting-edge STEAM and entrepreneurship disciplines that are changing global industries.


This is a S.T.E.A.M. and entrepreneurship certification program for kids, how cool and very cutting edge! How does it work?

Children become members of our community for full access, which includes a virtual class once a week, a mentorship program where members can e-meet top industry leaders and executives, daily Rocket Club Live, access to 22 industry-related communities, and Parent Trivia Fridays where students have a chance to earn Rocket Fuel to earn exciting prizes.

Membership is month-to-month, however the certification process is a two year process.

The weekly communities available to our students include Coding, Robotics, 3D Printing, and Public Speaking, just to name a few.


What is Rocket Club Live?

Rocket Club Live occurs daily at 5:30pm EST and is a time when members are mentored by founders and executives of institutions such as Apple, SpaceX, Dreamworks, and Google. Many of these mentors are parents of members at Rocket Club Academy!


This is a 100% virtual program based out of New York. Where do members pool from?

Hundreds of members from 29 States, England, and Ireland tune in each week to this 100% virtual program.

Local Rocket Club Academy members are from Chicago and Chicago’s North Shore, and attend a mix of public and private schools including GEMS World Academy, Hinsdale Elementary School, Braeside Elementary School, Ogden International School, Blaine Elementary, and Skinner North, to name a few.


What are a few examples of topics covered in the 1x weekly class?

Topics covered in Rocket Club Academy’s curriculum include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Stock Market, and Climate Science and many more S.T.E.A.M-related fields.


Do the children form real businesses during this program?

Yes! Members who have become Rocket Club Certified, have developed their own businesses and some have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Good Morning America. Every month is a new journey. For instance, this month our members are learning about climate science and last month every member started their own t-shirt company. We have had over $9400 in sales since the store launched 2 weeks ago.



What else would you like our parents to know about Rocket Club Academy? 

Rocket Club Academy members have the unique opportunity to build a lifelong network of peers, forever viewing the world differently because of their advanced education. Led by Rocket Club Academy’s Founder, Alex Hodara, a 2021 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and Forbes 30 Under 30 award winner, Rocket Club Academy’s staff are building the club they wished they had when they were kids and empowering their members to become everything they want to be when they grow up.


We are excited that we were able to set up an exclusive deal to get our readers into the Academy. Please let our readers know where they can sign up for a free trial.

We have opened 10 memberships for Chicago North Shore Moms readers that come with a 1-month free trial. You will be joining for September’s Entertainment Technology – The Science Behind Making Movies, where we will explore how companies like Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks develop their content and will have access to all of our communities (coding, robotics, 3d printing, etc.). You can sign up here: If the form disappears please email us at [email protected] for future availability.
September’s students will focus on “Entertainment Technology – The Science Behind Making Movies”, where we will explore how companies like Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks develop their content.

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