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CNSM recently had the pleasure of meeting Eric Owens, founder and owner of Delos Therapy and Delos Strength in Winnetka and Deerfield, a precise therapy for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and athletic injuries. As a 40-something year old mom of three and someone who is prone to inflammation and stiffness I can tell you how much I am looking forward to utilizing these services. I went through a free consultation (yes, I’ll be scheduling more) and I appreciated not only gaining a better understanding about why my stretches haven’t yielded results, but what I can do about it going forward to feel my best. He then spent time grinding out my fibrous shoulder and upper back muscles. Eric explains more here.

By Eric Owens, Co-Founder of Delos Therapy and Delos Strength

The anti-aging industry is booming, with millions of face creams on the market to help us look younger and just as many supplements to help us feel younger. But what about our soft tissue? What should we do for our muscles to reverse the aging process? Why do we accept that aches and pains are “that’s just the way it goes” as we get older? If we enjoyed activities like running, playing tennis or dancing in the past, why must we stop once we are past our prime?

Our goal at Delos Therapy and Delos Strength is to challenge the overwhelming misconception that there are things we can’t do to slow, or reverse, the aging process as we get older. By incorporating the latest innovations in the field into our unique protocol, we are able to change our clients’ lives.

We understand that there is an aging process that happens within our bodies. Muscles stiffen and weaken, causing a lack of mobility, functionality and eventually a decrease in quality of life. When we are young, muscles feel spongy, welllubricated, strong and adaptable so that we can do the things we love. 

Over time, we know that the anatomy changes. The aging process in the muscle tissue has been established through science (primarily through medical research happening in Europe). Evidence shows that connective tissue inside of a muscle (also known as fascia) becomes densely hardened or fibrotic. This stiffness prevents fluid movement and the transfer of force through a muscle, which is what enables us to use our bodies the way we want when we are young. The eventual outcome is symptoms such as the feeling of tightness, pain, inflammation, weakness and decreased range of motion. People have to take a break or stop doing activities that make them feel worse; however, this doesn’t actually solve the problem and in fact perpetuates weakness and loss of function. 

So what can be done? 

What we hear repeatedly in our clinics at Delos Therapy is that people resort to foam rolling, massaging or stretching to address these patterns of tightness. These approaches are simply not targeted enough to tackle the core problem, which is located deep inside a muscle. We know from clinical experience and from the latest research that these tightness patterns are three-dimensional and therefore require specific three-dimensional pressure to drive through the fibers that are stuck together. These fibers must be “unlocked”  so that they are freed up to facilitate movement. Cells deep within the tissue must be stimulated to lubricate the tissue and allow for fluid functionality.



Once we’ve cleared the pathway inside of a muscle and have broken down the dysfunctional/aged structures within the fascia, these pathways need to be rebuilt with high quality strength training. The research is clear that putting muscles under enough tension is needed to facilitate these changes, so the kind of exercise being done matters.

While there are many benefits to various kinds of exercise such as yoga, pilates, cycling and HIIT workouts, they alone do not generate enough connective tissue adaptations needed for true longevity. Focusing on large compound movements such as deadlifts and squats, with an emphasis on slow, eccentric training, is not only great for muscle health and longevity, but also for aesthetics. This is why our clients who benefit from reversing the aging process through Delos Therapy eventually transition to a pure strength training protocol at Delos Strength.



The next time you feel like saying that getting older and feeling stiff or in pain is “just the way it goes,” we want to encourage you to consider reversing the aging process that happens within the muscles. There is indeed an anti-aging solution for the body that leads to longevity and an amazing quality of life. And keep in mind that plenty of people in their teens, 20s and 30s can prevent this process by doing the right things now – loosening their tissue with pressure and then strengthening it. There is no reason why we can’t keep doing things we love well into the future.

To learn more and experience the Delos Therapy/Delos Strength protocol, reach out to [email protected] and [email protected]. Schedule your complimentary sessions in our Winnetka and Deerfield locations in July, 2022 by mentioning CNSM.


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