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There are many ways to maintain order inside your garage. Cleaning the garage may be exhausting at first. The huge dump of unused items may overwhelm you a lot. Fret not! There are lots of ways to organize the garage efficiently.*

The challenging part of the process starts with the initial cleanup of the space. With the right and practical garage organization ideas, you can find the system that works perfectly for you. Don’t give up just yet! You will enjoy a clean and serene garage in time. It is also important to maintain your garage so you can keep using it for many years. Contact this garage door repair in Joliet to keep your garage safe.

Here are some tips to organize your garage to help you jumpstart your organization process.


Schedule a Full Weekend Clean Up

There’s no other way to start the process than to dedicate a workable period for the task. For your initial cleanup, schedule an entire weekend. Chances are that there are stacks and dumps of items in your garage.


Interior of a clean garage in a house


Loose items take time for a complete and thorough sorting. Before you start with transforming the garage into an optimal storage space, block off a full weekend. The most challenging part of the cleanup is always when you start the task. Your undisturbed time for cleanup gets most things out of the way.


Sort Out Items

It’s time to test your rational skills. Sort out the things inside the garage into two primary piles: THINGS TO KEEP and THINGS TO THROW. You’ll be in for a surprise on how difficult it is to let go of some things. Evaluate which is more important to you, keeping the item or having a clear space for more helpful function.

Keep this as a common rule: If you haven’t used the item in a year or more, you may not need it as often. We often trap ourselves in keeping things that don’t bring value; often, many items take up space for something else that brings more value and use.


Invest In Durable Wall Hooks

If you have a small space, the walls are your best friend. Maximize the wall space to store your things. Invest in durable wall hooks to hang items that take up floor space. It’s not new to hang up your bicycle or bagged sports equipment on the wall.

For each wall hook, you can hang a durable cloth bag to store things inside. Label the bag, and voila, you have a wall of organized items. Decide which items go on the hooks and which can stay on the floor. The remaining items may sit on the floor afterward.


Bring In Storage Bins

Many homeowners prefer having shelves in the garage. If you don’t have the time and extra budget to transform the wall into shelf-and-cabinet storage fully, big bins are the next solution for you.

Large storage bins are available locally in retail centers. If you plan to upgrade over time, it’s always a good garage organization idea to start with some bins. Store sorted items according to function. You may have a SPORTS EQUIPMENT bin, PET ITEMS bin, USED FOOTWEAR bin, or FOR DONATION bin.

Once you’re done organizing your garage, consider what you can do to enhance your garage’s appearance even more. If your garage requires a garage door repair, you can go to an online business directory and find one close to you.


*This article is sponsored by Intergreat Solutions LTD and contain non affiliate links to local garage door businesses for more information.

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