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As summer and time by the water close, you might not be considering getting your kids enrolled in swimming lessons. However, now is a great time to return to the school routine and give your kids a healthy, fun activity that builds life skills! Here are a few tips to help you fit that important swim class neatly into that jigsaw puzzle of a schedule.


Step by step, help your kids build swim skills and life skills like resilience, confidence, and teamwork at Foss Swim School this fall. FOSS helps kids become stronger swimmers and students, as confidence in the pool helps build confidence at school.

This time of year is busy for everyone, and scheduling swimming lessons, especially as the school year begins, may seem daunting for families. FOSS has compiled a list of tips that their families swear by to fit swimming lessons into their busy lives:

  • Lean into the Evening
    • Instead of breaking up the end of your day, select late swimming times. Bring some PJs and a snack for after the lesson. You’ll arrive home with a child who is tired, fed, and ready for bed!
  • Choose Morning Classes for Little Ones
    • Mornings are the way to go for parents looking for a calmer and quieter pool experience. This is a perfect time for kids not yet in school.
  • Staggered Starts for Multiple Swimmers
    • Families with multiple swimmers maximize efficiency by choosing classes with start times scheduled 15 minutes apart. Get one child ready and to the pool, then help the other. Repeat at the end of the session!
  • Divide & Conquer
    • Many multi-swimmer households also schedule swim lessons on different days for each child. Parents or caregivers may split duties, and there’s more opportunity for undivided attention and some quality one-on-one time.



Foss Swim School has small classes taught by enthusiastic teachers who know how to make learning fun, a proven and personalized Swim Path® curriculum with decades of success, a focus on progression, a passion for water safety, and more! For just over 30 years, Foss Swim School has helped hundreds of thousands of families raise their children to be more confident, safer, and stronger swimmers.

You can enroll for Fall Quarter at Foss Swim School today! FOSS offers once-a-week quarterly classes and two- and four-week accelerated Swim Camps with plenty of class times available to fit into any family’s schedule. You can enroll for classes by logging into or create a FOSS Family Account today!

New Foss Swim School families can use code WELCOME35 to waive the New Family Fee.


*This post is sponsored by CNSM partner, Foss Swim School. Thanks, Foss!

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